Indian Breads (Naan)

Freshly baked in a clay oven.

Plain naan: $1.95

made from all purpose flour, milk, sugar, and salt

Roti naan: $1.95

made from whole wheat flour.

Chili naan: $2.95

naan stuffed with fresh green chilies

Onion naan: $2.95

naan stuffed with chopped onion and cilantro

Garlic naan: $2.95

naan topped with chopped garlic and cilantro

Allo naan: $3.95

naan stuffed with seasoned potatoes

Kashmiri naan (sweet): $3.95

naan stuffed with honey flavored nuts and raisins

Cheese naan: $3.95

naan stuffed with mozzarella cheese melted inside

Chicken Tikka naan: $5.95

stuffed with seasoned diced chicken, cilantro

Keema naan: $5.95

stuffed with seasoned ground beef, cilantro