The Roti Story   

America , a  melting cauldron  of  passionate people of multiple nationalities; passionate about life, friendship, love, their national pride, about food, and in fact, always ready to thankfully enjoy all of Gods blessings.  The struggle for time and the exponential growth of the populous has unfortunately promoted a fast track to all facets of life including our dietary needs making fast food chains the back bone of the food industry. The restaurants that offer gourmet food and organoleptic delicacies although available, but only to a select few who have the luxury of both time and wealth.

Café Roti offers a traditional ethnic gourmet Indian-Pakistani cuisine where each meal is cooked to order with a savory blend of multiple ancient Indian spices and holds a tradition in itself.  It is served with precision,  politeness and perfection .  An eatery you can trust for consistence in quality of food, service and affordability.

IMG_1176 - Version 2Whether you come to celebrate a special event or to simply treat yourself and boost your spirits, entertain or be entertained,  you will be very pleased to have made us your choice.  We aim to please all your senses and provide a truly unique experience to everyone walking through our doors. We strive to retain the personal feel of a private home dining experience while at the same time, offering the glamour, the excitement and the gracious healthy dining experience for a longer, healthier sustained life. We are a non biased eatery, attracting the good,  the great, the famous, the vogue, the dowdy, the rich and the poor  accepting all with the same love, care and affection.

If you have read this, you absolutely deserve a gourmet meal, just do it. Come for a taste and you will return forever for the flavor and share the Roti Story and  your experience with your friends.

                                      Est. 2003 first opened in Lakeland.